Wastewater Treatment Plant & Biogas Plant Turnkey Specialist

Periforce Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter known as PSB) was incorporated in year 1999 and has the experience, the necessary skills and the means for the study, design, engineering, procurement and construction supervision, and the start-up of such anaerobic wastewater treatment plants.

We are a well-known company that specialized in industrial wastewater treatment plant and biogas plant turnkey. An amount of anaerobic reactor types and processes were developed through research to produce biogas as renewable energy source. These anaerobic reactor types are applicable for food, beverage, agricultural and other industries that require the generation of high stream waste waters.

Periforce Sdn. Bhd. provides the state of art wastewater treatment plant technology and biological H2S scrubber systems to Asia Region with competitive price, Furthermore, our design and build multiple effect plate or tubular vacuum evaporator is suitable for sugar, food and beverage and waste water treatment and application with lower energy consumption.

We are authorized as agent for GEA Westfalia to market decanter and centrifuge separator for mainly food and beverages. The utilization of these equipment are mainly in all kind mechanical separations in terms of liquid-liquid, liquid-solid separation. Typical industrial users are mobile skid unit for sludge dewatering and yeast separation.

Additionally, our association provide engineering services to supply process lines for liquid and pasty substances. We design and build and complete fully tubed automated installations designed for cleaning and sterilizing in place. Advanced control systems optimize the efficiency of the process, specialized in process integration where existing or customer-specified equipment is incorporated in the overall system as well as in the delivery of turnkey installations. The production of market milk, beer, juices, other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is one key area of the company’s operations.