Sugar Processing System Supplier and Manufacturer in Malaysia

Periforce, well-known as a sugar processing system supplier and manufacturer in Malaysia. With vast knowledge and experiences in offering top quality of sugar processing equipments such as: Buckau-Wolf SUPRATON, Multiple Effect Evaporate, Batch/ Continuous Centrifuge Separator and etc.

We provide state of art technology in the sugar industry through our association with BWS Technologie GmbH marketing/ distributing the Buckau-Wolf brand in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Buckau-Wolf has long been a leading brand in sugar technology since 1838. With the extensive range in Batch Centrifugal Separator, Continuous Centrifuge Separator and the patented Honeycomb Calandria for Vacuum Pan, the brand has continued to gain the reputation as the leading energy saving equipment provider/ manufacturer in sugar manufacturing. A green technology for a greener environment and a more cost-effective means to make sugar.

Where steam consumption is of concern to sugar manufacturers, Periforce's falling and rising film multiple effect evaporators had proven to be highly effective in reducing steam and energy consumption. Periforce's uncompromised approach in using the best plate heat exchanger, Kelvion (formerly of GEA Ecoflex), in its multiple effect evaporators’ design to deliver greater efficiency to obtain desired results for its customers.